Tonight We Live

Tonight We Live are an Irish band who haven’t had the Louis Walsh treatment. No suits and massive crescendos or harmonies here, it’s pure  alternative power. With a pop vocal and metallic riffs, Tonight We Live are a promising foursome who are just starting out.

With nothing but rave reviews from Twitter followers, they look set to creep slowly into the unsigned scene and begin their climb up the ladder to their big break. Having already amassed over 1,700 followers, they’re certainly not short of fans and once their music reaches a wider audience, they’ll probably become a massive success story. A simple, down-to-earth image and tracks which linger in your head, how could they not be?

Their debut EP Forget The Last Year is available to download for free at their official website, and if you love a perfect balance between passionate soulful lyrics and singing guitars, you’ll love the entire four-track record. Unlike anything you’ve ever heard from Ireland before, they’re breaking out of the cliches and presenting us with something truly different.

You might be thinking that they’re a bit like a lot of established American and South Wales bands and indeed, there are elements of both pop-punk and alternative emo in their sound but it’s more atmospheric and there is a touch of sincerity. There’s no drama or empty sentiments in their tracks -they’re very genuine and relateable.

As they’re a fresh new talent who are building their fanbase, Tonight We Live would really appreciate any support they can get, so check them out at and

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    Went to Tonight We Live gig in the Academy Dublin last Saturday night. They were only brilliant and lovely lads as well.

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