Hi! I’m Alexandra but just Alex will do =). My last name is Pattinson but despite us being born and raised in the same city, I am completely unrelated to a certain faux-vampire.

I’m 23 and I live in Bromley, South East London, having recently come back home after three years of living and studenting in Aberystwyth, West Wales.¬†As well as acquiring a whole new load of confidence and a chronic tea addiction, I also managed to get pretty good at reading books and writing pretentious poems, so I got a 2:1 in English Literature and Creative Writing. However, what you can actually do with an English and Writing degree is yet to make itself known to me but I’m pretty sure it will come in handy someday.

I am currently the Marketing and Social Media Executive at AskHerFriends.com. That sounds very grand but it basically just means that I look after all the social media accounts, interact with our followers and I also write the weekly blog posts for the site. It’s an awesome job that I get to do from the comfort of my own home in a world that I love, so yes I’m very happy in it!

I’m no newbie on the blogging scene. I set up my first blog when I was 15, which was more of an online diary for my friends to read. It was then that I realised that I really quite liked this writing thing and I started writing poetry and short stories. It wasn’t long after, when I discovered that journalism was what I wanted to do. With music being my biggest passion next to writing, it only stood to reason that music journalism is where I wanted to go. Fully aware that the competition in my chosen industry was ridiculous, I set up this blog where I could freely express my opinions and get some good practice. New and/or unsigned acts are who I’m most interested in, as they need the exposure as much as I do. It also means that I can introduce my readers to music I know they’ll never have heard before, which is something that excites me stupid amounts!

Other people/places/things I love: London, satchels, cupcakes, Downton Abbey, tea with milk and no sugar, cheesecake, Stephen King, Etsy, pink gadgets, coffee shops, Tim Burton films, Victorian novels, vanilla, Diet Coke, Colchester, nail polish, jumper dresses, Caitlin Moran, anything with cats on, Busted, Harry Potter, Johnny Depp, 1950s fashion, pizza, messy hair, worker boots, Take Me Out, soft toys, Marilyn Monroe, silver jewellery, Jessie J, Made In Chelsea, Aberystwyth, independence, chicken, empty notebooks, Pokemon, wearing shorts over tights or leggings, Topshop, reminiscing, Katy Perry, Disaronno, hipster jumpers, cuddles, musicals, free gigs, clothes with stars on, Shakespeare, me-time, Mulberry Alexa in Buffalo, Beyonce, Eristoff Gold, spontaneous days/nights out, McFly, white chocolate, banoffee pie, creative people, singing when I’m alone, being warm, Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough

I also have a Tumblr blog at justsomealexkid.tumblr.com which consists of pictures, quotes and pretty much anything that interests and inspires me.

I’m a bit weird and shy but just give me a smile or nice comment and I’ll be your friend for life =)

Enjoy reading this blog cause I love writing it!

Love Alex x

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  1. hey, i’d like to see if you’d be interested in interviewing my band? or maybe doing a review on our latest EP? do you have an email i can reach you at?

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